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Sailor Moon Drops is released


Hey Moonies! Sailor Moon Drops is now available to download for Android and IOS.                                                                 Download: IOS: Android: *The IOS version is available only in the Japanese ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Game “Sailor Moon Drops”


        It was currently announced that a new Sailor Moon Game was going to be released for IOS and Android; the game is made my Bandai Namco Entertainment. From the looks of it the game looks like Bejeweled. The game is free but it looks like there will be in app payments. Unfortunately we don’t know the ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage musical-Cast and Posters


Hey Moonies! We have news on the upcoming musical (Un Nouveau Voyage), this new musical will cover up to Infinity Arc and will feature the characters from the previous musical and three new characters; Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn. The new cast list is as follows: Shuu Shiotsuki as Sailor Uranus Sayaka Fujioka, as Sailor Neptune Karin Takahashi, ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 “Hidden Agenda – Nemesis” Review


After how well-paced, well-directed, and well-animated Act 21 was, I expected Act 22 to be developed similarly. Although the episode did not carry the same weight as Act 21 did, it was still very good in its own right. Choosing to follow Chibi-usa, Tuxedo Mask runs out into space-time after her. What’s unfortunate is that he did not carefully plan ... Read More »