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Episode 6 Sailor Says

Serena: I like to do things fast and get them over with, like homework. But that’s where you make mistakes. Patience doesn’t come easy, I know. Slow down take your time and do it with care. It takes less time to do it right than doing it fast and having to go back and do it again. Luna: So when ... Read More »

Episode 5 Sailor Says


Serena: School what a nuisance. Amy:  My friend Serena thinks schools a drag. But learning can be fun and having a good education can be a great way to give yourself the best start for the rest of your life. I’m going to work on Serena’s study habits; how about working on yours to. Like doing homework before watching T.V ... Read More »

Happy New Years!

2013 Sm PIC

Hey there moon faces!! So 2012 has ended and 2013 has began, hope this year is better than the last year! Well of course it will be better because The Sailor Moon Remake is coming out this year!! :D, Now we are a step closer to the new anime YAY!! So I just made this post to wish all you ... Read More »

New Gallery


Hey Members!! Today we have added a Gallery so you can upload your Sailor Moon Pictures! Hope you like it! To get to the Gallery you can visit to upload an image you will need a forum account which you can sign up for here Also if you need a tutorial on how to upload  you can view ... Read More »

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Live show


Hey Club Sailor Moon Fans!! If you were looking to watch the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Live show then here it is! Also this video is Japanese but subbed in English so all English speaking and Japanese speaking viewers can enjoy! Read More »

Merry Christmas

Sailor Moon Christmas For You Album

Hey there moonies. We here at ClubSailorMoon have decided to share Christmas with you. So we are posting links to Sailor Moon Christmas songs and will post pictures below. Please remeber to join us on the forums at to discuss all things Sailor Moon.  Koibito ga Santa Claus     Sailor Moon Christmas Read More »

New theme


Hey Moonies from all over the world!! We finally got our new theme, this one is our official theme which was made by me and helped by SailorSun so tell us what you think about the theme and the site it self. If you find some errors or some mistakes on the theme then please let us know by posting ... Read More »

Site Issue


As you probably have seen our site does not look like how it usually does, well this is because we were having some problems with word press so we restored it and we will be adding our new theme once we are done building it. Until then keep checking back and join our forums!!   Read More »

All Episodes Online!!


Hey There Moonies! We finally did it, we finally uploaded all English Dubbed Anime Episodes! To watch them check out these links Season1: Season2: Season3: Season 4: Season5:   Enjoy! Oh and check out our forums at Until Next Time See Ya!   Read More »