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Hinamatsuri Petit Chara figures are coming in January


Four new Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures have been announced on the official Sailor Moon site. These ones are Hinamatsuri themed, showing Usagi, Mamoru, Haruka and Michiru in traditional Japanese dress. There are two sets of figures available. One is on Mamoru and Usagi and the other is of Haruka and Michiru.  The figures are available for pre-order on certain online sites now and will be released online and in stores in Japan in January 2019. Though prices vary slightly each set of two figures will sell for roughly 3000 yen, about $26.50. Will you be picking up these sets?


Keep scrolling for more pictures.

petit_chara_hinamatsuri_mamoru_usagi_close_up-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_haruka_michiru_close_up-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_michiru_angle-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_michiru_back-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_mamoru_back-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri-218x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_haruka_angle-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_mamoru_usagi-300x220 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_haruka-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_usagi-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_mamoru-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_mamoru_angle-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_usagi_angle-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_michiru-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_haruka_back-300x300 petit_chara_hinamatsuri_usagi_back-300x300

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