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VIZ Media to ReDub Original Sailor Moon Anime

That’s right! Sailor Moon was just licensed from Toei to Viz Media!  Viz Media was the company that let most of your Pokemon and Digimon be on tape back in the 90′s. Remember them? Ah…good old times…

Well they just announced that they have gathered all the rights to the classic Sailor Moon anime! This means streaming, download, and home videos! Not the new one, but the old one. What does this mean? Well quite a few things, so I’ll put if it a list.

1. Streaming will begin online very, very shortly: Yeah, that’s right. On Monday, the first four episodes of the classic Sailor Moon will be released on Neon Alley and Hulu, with two additional episodes to premiere every Monday. My guess is it’s going to be the subbed versions. You’ll find out why soon.

2. Box sets: That’s right! New Sailor Moon box sets will be coming out starting in late Summer/early fall this year! It’s only going to be half seasons long, due to trying to milk the money I guess but yay! Finally I can own all the episodes!

3. Digital Copies: Digital copies of the seasons are supposed to be released this summer, Japanese subtitles only. Isn’t that sweetness?! Sailor Moon on the go!

4. Sailor Moon Day!: There is going to be a Sailor Moon day at Anime Expo this year on July 5th. More details will be coming when we get them but you can bet it’s going to be awesome.

And now….the moment everyone has been waiting for….


That’s right! They are planning on making a new English dub with new voice actors! And the best part? It’s supposed to be uncut!! No silly editing and hopefully it stay pretty much on the same script! Also….when I say all the Sailor Moon…I mean all the Sailor Moon….


OMG right!? I just…I can’t…I can’t breath…. Anyways, here’s the official commercial saying this information:

Well until next time, which will hopefully be super even more exciting, ClubSailorMoon says, see ya!

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