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Darien (Mamoru Chiba) Shields

Hello there fellow Sailor Moon fans. As you know I am currently making biographies of all the Sailor Scouts. Even though he technically isn’t one, today I focus on Darien (Mamoru Chiba) Shields.

Name: Darien (Mamoru Chiba) Shields

Nickname: Mamo-chan in Japanese

Earth Family: Serena Tsukino and Serena “Rini” Shields in the future; his parents died when he was 6.

Birthday: August 3, 1974

Current Age in 2012: 38

Blood Type: A

Astrological Sign: Leo

Horoscope for November 17th 2012: Although you are tempted to run off and play, you may have to roll up your sleeves and get ready for hard work today. Organizing your schedule in advance is a more a more successful strategy. Be as resourceful as possible, for this is not a time to act like a diva. What’s most important when facing your chores now is to be humble and just do the best you can. (Taken from


Favorite Colour: Black

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Least Favorite Food: Not Applicable

Likes: Karate

Dislikes: Needles

Favorite Subject: Physics

Least Favorite Subject: None


Darien Shields is the major romantic interest of Serena Tsukino. He is often portrayed as stoic, steady and introverted. This may be because when he was young his parents died in a car crash. This blocked his childhood memories of his current lifetime and opened up the memories of his previous life as Prince Darien. Tuxedo Mask is a disguise he created for himself in order to hunt for the Silver Crystal incognito and, later, assist the Sailor Scouts in battle.

After dating for two years, Mamoru gives Usagi an engagement ring at an airport. The couple eventually gets married. In the future, they become king and queen of Earth and Crystal Tokyo and have a child together whom they name, Small Lady or Serena, but for the majority of the series known as Rini.

Darien was given the power of psychometry in the manga, which also showed up in the anime, but was not given a name. This manifests in his ability to see and read dreams, heal people and monitor the status of the Earth. For a small time in the second season, Darien’s memories changed into a separte from him as Moonlight Night. After Darien regained his memories, Moonlight night never showed up again.

If Tuxedo Mask is your favorite Sailor Scout, he takes the role of Sailor Earth, then vote for him in the forums by February 1st 2013.


Well, until next time ClubSailorMoon says, See ya!

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