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CSM is back!


It’s been a while! What happen was I got really busy with school and work that I did not have time to manage the website and post news. I manage and post all content by myself so you can see how I couldn’t manage everything at once. Also, at the same time I was having issues with the server and other backend problems, so I was just like screw it and didn’t renew the server and let the website “die”.

I really missed chatting with Sailor Moon fans and managing this website, so I decided to try again. I guess this is a good as anytime because the new Sailor Moon Crystal season is coming out in April.

Everything should be how it was before but I did use an older backup, so there might be some data loss, but nothing too big. If you find any problem let me know by using the contact link. The forum should be up in a day or two, hope to chat with you all there!

In addition, I will be uploading a new version of the CSM news app, it was taken down by Google because of copyright issues. If you want Sailor Moon News on your phone, then stay tuned! If you were following ClubSailorMoon on Facebook then the group is pretty much gone because Facebook banned my account because it was “fake profile”. I will make a new group once everything is settled.


Sorry for being gone, but CSM is back!



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