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ClubSailorMoon Forum Party!

Party is Over, It was really fun thanks for all of you that showed up!

Any time of day starting now until the end of today, we are hosting a forum party. What is a forum party you ask? Basically we are just going to post on new topics and old ones to get the forum more active. We are also going to chat amongst ourselves on TinyChat. Here’s the link:

If you don’t have an account, just make one. It’s fast, easy, free, and you will make tons of new friends! This is the link to the forums:

Anyways…I’ll be on in about 3 hours for the party and Sophia (who is now Sailor Triton :D) is on right now if you wanna talk to her. So remember…POST, POST, POST! And have a good time. We here at ClubSailorMoon say See Ya!


  1. When is the next party?

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