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VIZ Redub

Epsiode 1 to 4 For all!!

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I finally got them up! So this is what happen, I try to rip them and it failed like 12 times, then when I edited them and when I was ready to produce it they wouldn’t show up correctly, so after everything I used WMM to edit them.  Well here you go! Here are the hulu rips!!   0. Trailer ... Read More »

Episode might take longer to upload


Hey! May 21 Edit- Episodes will be up today when I wake up ! I just need to produce them and upload them. Sorry for the delay <3 In the last post I said I was going to upload all the NEW episodes but I had a little problem and I was not able to do so Sorry but everything ... Read More »

Watch Sailor Moon episodes 1 to 4 for free on Hulu

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As you know that VIZ Media has the rights to Sailor Moon now. They released the first 4 subbed episodes on HULU, you can watch it on and NeonAlley From now on they will be releasing 2 episodes every Monday. For all of you Canadian fans, well it’s not really free for you but don’t worry you can watch ... Read More »

VIZ Media to ReDub Original Sailor Moon Anime


That’s right! Sailor Moon was just licensed from Toei to Viz Media!  Viz Media was the company that let most of your Pokemon and Digimon be on tape back in the 90′s. Remember them? Ah…good old times… Well they just announced that they have gathered all the rights to the classic Sailor Moon anime! This means streaming, download, and home ... Read More »