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Sailor Says Episode 18: Worth a Princess’s Ransom

Serena: When Tuxedo Mask said he wanted the Imperium Silver Crystal, I didn’t know if I could trust him anymore. It’d be nice if we could trust everyone, but there are people in the world who are dangerous. Be on the alert. There are people in your community and other places who can hurt you. Let your parents and friends ... Read More »

Sailor Say Episode 17: An Animated Mess

Serena: When Lori used Nephlite’s pencil to draw better, she was cutting corners. Using something that wasn’t hers to further her career. So, she got a lot of praise and admiration, deep inside she knew it wasn’t really her doing those beautiful drawings. Doing something well takes time and patience and hard work. But for all that effort you have ... Read More »

Episode 16 Sailor Says: Who is That Masked Man?

Serena: When Molly told Nephlite she loved him, she was being true to herself. It got her in a mess of trouble, but Nephlite new Molly’s strong real feelings could be valuable to the Negaforce. When you’re doing something that is right, your energy, your true feelings, are valuable too. When you’re true to yourself, not trying to be anybody but ... Read More »

Sailor Says Episode 15 Dangerous Dollies

Serena: Even the best of friends have misunderstandings. And sometimes it seems like the hardest thing in the world is to say ‘I’m sorry’. But you know what? For Sammy, it was even harder putting it off to not say he was sorry. Having friends is important. If you have a misunderstanding with them, talk it out! And that means you! Read More »

Episode 14 Sailor Says: Shutter Bugged

Serena: We girls spend an awful lot of time primping and trying to look hot. So do you guys, but you don’t like to admit it. But there’s more to beauty than looks, and being a beautiful person inside where it counts. So remember, beauty is way more than skin deep. And I told you so! Ah-huh! Read More »

Sailor Says Episode 13:Wedding Day Blues

Serena: Yeah Nephlite’s a hot looking guy. Mmmm. But he is bad to the bone! *groan* So Ms Lambert’s fiance isn’t the coolest looking guy on the block, but he loves her, and he makes her happy. You gotta look deeper than looks, see what’s inside the person. That’s what counts. Luna: Right! I always look for what’s inside, and you should ... Read More »

Episode 12 Sailor Says: An Unnatural Phenomena

Serena: Nature’s a blessing we mustn’t take for granted. We’re not the only ones living here, ya know! Luna: Oh, I’m glad you noticed. Serena: It’s easy to forget, paper comes from trees. There are lots of ways to save on paper. Try using reusable cups and utensils, instead of the disposable kind. And make sure your parents and friends recycle so those paper products are processed into ... Read More »

Episode 11 Sailor Says: Match Point for Sailor Moon

Serena: It’s hard to be brave, I know. But there are lots more  ways to be brave, than fighting monsters from the Negaverse, like telling the  truth when it really matters, or standing up for someone who’s totally geeked  out in embarassment. Or doing what’s right when you know it’s not anything you  wanna do. Luna: Mmm.. you mean like ... Read More »

Episode 10 Sailor Says: Fight to the Finish

Serena: A lot of people say life is tough, but that doesn’t mean you let yourself get walked on. Hiya! Amy: Exercise your body and challenge your mind to be the best you can be. Hiya! Raye: Know what you want, and go for it! Hiya! Serena: You’re right! Plan to be your personal best. I think I’ll go for ... Read More »

Episode 9 Sailor Says

Serena: I’ve clashed with Jedite in battle over and over again. Yet, today I got taken in by his cool eyes, and that deep rich voice, those really cute curls… Luna: Serena!! Serena: Alright! Alright! The point is, no matter who you are, guy or girl, don’t settle for someone who treats you badly. Raye: Someone may be cute, but ... Read More »