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Sailor Moon Monopoly!


The game will retail for $39.99 US and will be released November 9th according to GameStop’s site.The box and board feature all characters from the Sailor Moon S season including all 10 Sailor Guardians as well as other villains from that season such as Professor Tomoe, the Witches 5 and Mistress 9. Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion are in ... Read More »

Jetpack Joyride and Sailor Moon


So I was looking around and saw that in the game “Jetpack Joyride” there is an outfit that loooks just like SailorMoon’s outfit. Seeing this I tried it out and got it, here are some screenshots   Look at the description doesn’t it look familiar? “Battle evil in the Moonlight and fall in love during the day … man it ... Read More »

Rumors of a New Sailor Moon Video Game


Some websites have posted about a rumour of a new Sailor Moon video game for the Nintendo 3DS.  It all started when a FaceBook group petition “SAILOR MOON videogame for Wii/Wii U petition”, were compaigning for a new Sailor Moon game to be made. The S.H. Figuarts Facebook page answered them with… “After the 2013 Anime aired, Bandai Namco games ... Read More »