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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 “Hidden Agenda – Nemesis” Review


After how well-paced, well-directed, and well-animated Act 21 was, I expected Act 22 to be developed similarly. Although the episode did not carry the same weight as Act 21 did, it was still very good in its own right. Choosing to follow Chibi-usa, Tuxedo Mask runs out into space-time after her. What’s unfortunate is that he did not carefully plan ... Read More »

Act 2 “Ami -Sailor Mercury-” Review


Luna was awesome in this episode. She came off as so intelligent and understanding, more so than in the original anime. I love that we saw her headquarters. It does make me wonder if it really is at the arcade, as was its location in the manga. This episode also proves that the anime is not doing exactly what was done in ... Read More »

Act 1 “USAGI -SAILOR MOON-” Review

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Honestly, when the trailers and the sneak peek came out, I wasn’t entirely impressed. I thought the animation didn’t suit the anime well and the transformation was horribly underwhelming. I regret feeling that way because the first episode was absolutely wonderful. I don’t believe it could’ve been more enjoyable to watch.   I’m going to separate this review into categories of ... Read More »