Sailor Moon Crystal News


Official Sailor Moon Store Opening Tomorrow


On Saturday September 23 the official Sailor Moon Store will be opening. The store will be opening in the Laforet Harajuku mall in Tokyo and will sell a lot of exclusive goods. There was no official word on how long it will be there for but I am guessing it will be here for a while. Official Website: Sailor Moon ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Reflections Ready for Pre-orders


Last year at Unplugged Expo 2 Ronald Parliament (voice of Melvin for the first 65 episode) announced that he would be releasing a book about the dubbing of Sailor Moon. It is nearing completion but it needs pre-orders to be published. To pre-order the book you can follow the following steps Mail in Pre-order form Paypal order page *When pre-ordering, ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Chopsticks


Yeah…I thought I’d tell you all about these awesome Sailor Moon chopsticks that are going to be released this fall in Japan! Why are they so awesome? Well they have to top of the transformation items on the top of the chopsticks, as well as being coloured the colour of the Senshi. Cheap enough for most to afford, these are ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Mechandise


Recently there has been a huge surge of new mechandise for Sailor Moon comming out in the market.s. So I figured I would post a large post explaining and showing each new mechandise item. I won’t be adding all the links for pre orders since they sell out rather fast. So…sorry ahead of time. First up: Sailor Moon “Miracle Romance ... Read More »

New Commercial for S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon Figure

S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon figure will be avalable for pre-order as of May 8th and so Bandai has released an amazing commercial for this figure.  The commercial features the voice of Kotono Mitsuishi( Sailor Moon) and features a number of different parts that are included with the figure.  You can watch it below. Read More »

New S.H Figurearts


  Hey Club Sailor Moon Reader ! So I found out that new Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts figure from Bandai are going on sale in August. The MSRP is 4410 Japanese Yen ( About $45.47 USD). Since they are in Japan you will have to get them shipped, so they will cost a bit more. The figure is 5.5″ and ... Read More »