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Coming to Animazement 2013


Hey there! I wanted to tell you that Keiko Han and Yuko Minaguchi are coming to animazement anime convention in North Caroline May 24th to the 26th. For more details visit Who are they? Keiko Han is the person who voiced Luna in the Sailor Moon anime and live action, and Queen Beryl in the anime. and Yuko Minaguchi, ... Read More »

Momoiro Clover Z’s parody of Sailor Moon S opening


  As you remember the last post I posted was telling you that the new song was going to be announced on April 4th, well it was a misunderstanding, Sorry about that! The appearance of Momorio Clover Z (on Japanese TV show Bakusho Show Battle) was not them performing a new song, but it was them reenacting the Sailor Moon S ... Read More »

New Sailor Moon Theme Song April 4th!


April 4th Update: They didn’t announce the new song instead it was a parody of the SailorMoonS opening So I been looking around on Twitter, Blogs etc. and found that Momorio Clover Z will be revealing the new Sailor Moon theme song  on April 4th. As you know from the 20th anniversary  Momorio Clover Z is going to be performing ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Manga Volume 10 Out!


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guy know that The Volume 10 of the manga is out, which came out last Tuesday (March 26 2013). You can get this Manga at where ever you get manga or from Amazon. Manga Description: The threat of Dead Moon Circus is so great that the outer planet Guardians return to fight ... Read More »

Did you miss us?


Hey ClubSailorMoon Members! Sorry we were up sometimes and down sometimes during the last week, this was because we were migrating our servers and we ran in to few problems, but don’t worry we are back now and everything is up and running and running smother than ever! If you run in to any issues while using our forum or ... Read More »

PGSM- Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Live Action) Watch Online


Hey members I finally uploaded all the episodes for the Sailor Moon live action To watch them you will have to visit this link  Hope you Enjoy! Links Our Forum: Watch PGSM: Watch Sailor Moon Anime: Read More »

Happy New Years!

2013 Sm PIC

Hey there moon faces!! So 2012 has ended and 2013 has began, hope this year is better than the last year! Well of course it will be better because The Sailor Moon Remake is coming out this year!! :D, Now we are a step closer to the new anime YAY!! So I just made this post to wish all you ... Read More »

New Gallery


Hey Members!! Today we have added a Gallery so you can upload your Sailor Moon Pictures! Hope you like it! To get to the Gallery you can visit to upload an image you will need a forum account which you can sign up for here Also if you need a tutorial on how to upload  you can view ... Read More »

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Live show


Hey Club Sailor Moon Fans!! If you were looking to watch the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Live show then here it is! Also this video is Japanese but subbed in English so all English speaking and Japanese speaking viewers can enjoy! Read More »