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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition

It’s been a long wait but it is finally time for a new season and a new episode. Act 27 Infinity 1 – Premonition will air on Japanese TV today (April 4th) at 11 PM JST or 10AM EST/7AM PST. Although it is airing at this time it won’t be available until later today. You can watch it on Crunchyroll ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 footage

Uranus and Neptune

Today there was an event in Japan (Anime Japan) which shows us the new Sailor Moon Crystal opening, closing,  new trailer and a preview of Act 27. We also found out  that this season will have 13 episodes. Just do you know the manga has 11 chapters for the Infinty Arc.   Here is the Anime Japan event. This is ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Crystal’s Infinity Arc Trailer

Today morning we had a premiere event in Japan for the new Infinity arc episode. If you were at the event then you were able to see the first episode (Act 27, Infinity 1 – Premonition). We will have to wait till April 4, 2016 to see the first episode, but right now we get a trailer that shows us ... Read More »