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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 “Hidden Agenda – Nemesis” Review


After how well-paced, well-directed, and well-animated Act 21 was, I expected Act 22 to be developed similarly. Although the episode did not carry the same weight as Act 21 did, it was still very good in its own right. Choosing to follow Chibi-usa, Tuxedo Mask runs out into space-time after her. What’s unfortunate is that he did not carefully plan ... Read More »

VIZ announces the voices of the Black Moon Clan arc

black moon

  We have recently found out the cast for Sailor Moon R Black Moon Arc. You can get a glimpse of the voices in episode 60 but we will be able to hear more of the voices when when the new episodes get released during mini moonlight party this Friday. Matthew Mercer as Prince DemandeClaudia Lenz as Koan Greg Felden ... Read More »

Mini Moonlight Party


Viz Media will be holding  another Moonlight Party this Friday, May 8th 2015  at 6pm PST, 9pm EST.This party will have 2 episodes (61 and 67). You will be able to watch the episodes Hulu and Neon Alley. Right now episodes 47-60 are up but they will be taken down on June 7, 2015. In episode 61 Mamoru Breaks Up, ... Read More »

Watch All Sailor Moon Episodes


Hey CSM readers! I just wanted to share one of our sites that lets you watch all sailor moon episodes and  I mean all of them. You can watch Sailor Moon Original Anime (Subbed) Sailor Moon Original Anime (Dubbed) Sailor Moon Original Movies (Subbed/Dubbed) Sailor Moon Crystal Anime (Subbed) Sailor Moon Abridge Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (Live Action) All Musicals ... Read More »