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Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc Art

stationary ex1

Hey Moonies! The official Sailor Moon Website posted pictures of the upcoming season. In addition to the art we get some stationary. This includes a large image of the full cast and smaller images which are of notebook covers and file folders. What are your thoughts on these images?     Read More »

Season III of Sailor Moon Crystal


Season 2 or is it Season 3? The fandom has been split between the two but now we got confirmation. The official Sailor Moon website referred to the upcoming Infinity Arc as Season 3. Just so you know I personally called it Season 2. So far all we know about Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 is that it will start ... Read More »

Sailor Moon Crystal Infinity Arc Art

CYSEHG8UkAAFJpz.jpg large

I was around twitter and found this picture and thought I should share it. A photo has been going around and it looks like it is the official art for the upcoming episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. This picture shows Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. This looks legit but it was not officially released so I can not guarantee that ... Read More »